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Date: 2020-06-01


 Content III.

SAP System Administrator (Oracle DB)

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SAP Basis Training (Oracle DB III) 

10 Days

Course Description:

•    SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation (Oracle)
o    Database Overview
o    Reviewing Database Architecture
o    Connecting to the Database
o    Using Database Administration Tools
o    Administrating Oracle Instances
•    Backup, Restore and Recovery
o    Reviewing a Backup Strategy
o    Reviewing Backup Tools
o    Performing Backups
o    Performing Restore and Recovery
o    Working with Advanced Backup Techniques
•    Monitors and Tools
o    Introducing Oracle Data Management
o    Managing Database System Check
o    Explaining CCMS Alert Monitor
•    Space Management
o    Administrating "Table Spaces"
o    Performing Reorganization of Tables
o    Housekeeping and Troubleshooting
•    Oracle Cache Management
o    Introducing Oracle System Global Area
o    Introducing Automatic Oracle Program Global Area (PGA)
•    Monitoring of the Database Instance
o    Using the DBA Cockpit to Monitor the Database
o    Understanding the DBA Cockpit support of Oracle database features
•    Application Design Analysis
o    Understanding the Impact of Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using SM50/SM66 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using ST03/STAD to Find Expensive SQL Statements o Using ST04 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using SQL Trace to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Monitoring Exclusive Lock Waits
•    Index Management and Optimization
o    Utilizing Indexes
o    Creating an Index
•    Cost-Based Optimizer
o    Updating Statistics
o    Detecting problems with Optimizer statistics
•    Analysis of Physical and Logical Layout
o    De-fragmenting Indexes
o    Working with I/O Contention
•    Memory Configuration Analysis
o    Describing Data Buffer Utilization
o    Analyzing Efficiency of Shared Pool
o    Monitoring the Automatic Program Global Area (PGA)
•    Wait Interface and Automatic Workload Repository
o    Observing Oracle Wait Interface
•    Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository and Histories

Delivery Method:

Classroom: Each class has a certified SAP® instructor who has experience in life cycle implementations for global enterprises.  Each course will be in a computer equipped classroom giving participants the opportunity to work through real life business situations using the SAP ERP system and to explore the interaction among the different business processes giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  The daytime classes consist of four days of SAP functional lecture and one project day (realizing a real business case study).

Course Length: 

10 Days

Upon Completion: SAP System Administrator (SAP Basis Oracle DB) Certificate




Virtual/Online Lectures


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