SAP Security Analyst Program

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SAP Training Program
May 02, 2017 08:00 - May 26, 2017 11:00
Classroom & Online - 1111 Civic Dr, Suite# 130 Walnut Creek
CA 94596, United States
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Program Information
SAP System Security Analyst
i4it - 1

Length: 6 weeks, 30 Days

Classroom/Online Virtual Lectures: Thursday – Sunday

Monday - Wednesday: Practical SAP Project

Training Location: Virtual - Walnut Creek, CA

Addressee: 1111 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Course Code No. Class Title Length Cost
I4IT_SAP-SS-01 SAP System Navigation and Overview 5 Days  
I4IT_SAP-HR-02 SAP Organizational Management 5 Days
I4IT_SAP-HR-03 SAP Personnel Administration 5 Days
I4IT_SAP-HR-04 SAP Reporting 5 Days
I4IT_SAP-Sec-01 SAP Security I 5 Days
I4IT_SAP-Sec-02 SAP HR Security II 5 Days
Cost   30 Days $5,000
Total     $5,350*

Program Content I.

Skill Set Lecture Assignment Final Project
SAP System Overview & Navigation
  • SAP AG Organization
  • SAP HR Business Processes
  • Logon to SAP System
  • Navigate in SAP System
  • Execute Business Transactions
  • Run PA30, PA40, HR Reports
  • SAP Personnel Clerk Role (End User)
  • SAP Reporting Clerk Role (End User)


Using SAP HR System to enter HR Master data and process Employees records.

  • PA40
  • PA30
  • PA20
  • SAP HR Reports

Perform SAP Personnel Clerk Roles (End User)

Perform SAP Reporting Clerk Role   (End User)

SAP Organizational Management
  • Concept of Organizational Management
  • Designing Organization, Enterprise, Personnel Structure
  • Describe SAP OM Organizational Objects
  • Describe SAP OM Object Oriented Design
  • Create Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure
  • Different interfaces of SAP Organizational Management (Organization and Staffing interface and Expert mode)
  • Organization and Staffing and General Structures
  • Expert mode Simple Maintenance and Info type Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Organizational Unit, Job, Tasks, Position, OM infotypes
  • Integrating Organizational Management with other HR components (e.g. Personnel Administration)
  • Organizational Management Reports
  • Reports Layout
  • Organization units, Job, Tasks and Positions Reports


Perform SAP Organizational Management Planner Role

Perform SAP Organizational Management Analyst Role

Establish Own Enterprise Using SAP Organizational Management System

Establish Own Enterprise Structure in SAP System

Establish Own Personnel Structure

Plan Own Organizational Structure

SAP Personnel Administration
  • Introduction to SAP and its architecture and modules
  • Introduction to SAP HR and its areas
  • Company Structure, Personnel Structure and Organizational Structure
  • Introduction to Personnel Administration
  • Personnel Actions
  • HR Master Data Maintenance
  • Fast Entry Actions and Maintenance
  • Infotypes
  • Additional Actions and Dynamic Actions


Manage Own Employee using SAP HR System

Goals:   Manage Own Employee using SAP HR System

Customize Own SAP Personnel Administration System

Hire Employee to enter Own Company

Retire Employee from Own Company

Create Maintain Employee Master Data

SAP HR Reporting
  • Explain Standard Reporting and Information Systems in Human Resources
  • Describe Logical Databases and InfoSets
  • Build Queries with Ad Hoc Query
  • Build Queries with SAP Query


Customize Own Reporting Structure

Customize SAP Standard Report

Configure Company Own SAP Report

Configure Ad Hoc Report


Program Content II.

Skill Set Lecture Assignment Final Project
SAP Security & Authorization Concept

Using the Profile Generator (roles, composite roles, reference roles, derived roles, Customizing roles)

Special authorization components, use of area menus

  • Create business roles from SAP templates
  • Create business roles form scratch
  • Create business roles from Standard SAP Menu
  • Create business roles based on another single role ( Reference vs. Derived)

Perform the role of an SAP Security Administrator

Perform the role SAP Security Analyst

Security Concept with SAP Methodology

Elements of SAP Authorization Concept

The User Master Records

Working with the Profile Generator

Integration into SAP organizational Management

Access Control and User Administration

Security Analysis and Monitoring Functions

Special Authorization Components

Central User Administration

SAP HR Security

Access control and user administration (password rules, special users, user and authorization administration)

Profile Generator Installation & Upgrade

Security Analysis and monitoring functions

SAP HR Security (HR940)

Periods of Responsibility and Time Logic

Perform the role of an SAP HR Security Administrator

Perform the role SAP HR Security Analyst

  • Create business roles for HR departments
SAP Transport Management System

SAP Transport Management


Using SAP Transport Management System (SAP STMS) to perform the role of an SAP System Transport Administrator  

SAP HR System Analyst Program


All Dates

  • From May 02, 2017 08:00 to May 26, 2017 11:00

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